‘An outstanding new talent’
– Dharmander Singh, Cosmic Comedy Berlin

‘Todd Stuchiner is an amazing performer who regularly pleases crowds with his unabashed and honest humour. At Laughing Spree Comedy we are always happy to have him perform and entertain our guests as only he can. If you have the chance to witness his stand up comedy act live, do not miss it.’
– Chris Doering, Laughing Spree

“Todd is a very funny story teller and always a welcome addition to our show “
-Slingshot! Comedy open mic

‘As a sex partner, Todd is almost average.’
– Todd’s Ex girlfriend

‘I couldn’t stop laughing even when I have you for the third time and already knew what you were going to say!  You are so great on stage and I would go see you again for sure!’
– Hilly Leader

‘Todd is a fantastic story teller he will have you in stitches as he shares his real life love life misadventures !’
– Charity Lynne

‘Todd takes self-deprecating humor to new lows in his irreverent, explicit, childishly charming tales of sexual misadventure and self-discovery. An hour with him will have you laughing, crying, and always coming back for more.’
– David Briggs

‘One of the most naturally talented comedians I’ve seen.’
Ross Gardiner, founder of Black Circle Media

‘Todd brings a unique self-deprecating charm to the stage that audiences immediately warm up to – but don’t be fooled: behind that charm is a sharp mind that writes tightly constructed jokes that are clever, funny, and relatable. Todd definitely punches above his weight.’
Nir S